Mm Mm Good!

The Toronto Zoo is one of my favourite spots to go and spend the day. The orangutans housed in the Indo Malayan Pavillion is always one of my target areas…. I  like to spend time photographing but also just sitting and watching these cute but also the most intelligent of the primates.

The orangutan spend most of their time in trees and the elevated bathtub scene is definitely one of the fun areas in the enclosure. “The kids” love  climbing into the tub and covering themselves with the supplied tarp and then peeking out.

One of the  following photos show the hands of the chimp in detail as he eats a mixture of sun flower seed.  Check out the pads on each finger.

If you are in Toronto, it is well worth the time to take a tour of the Toronto Zoo. The location is the largest in Canada at approximately 710 acres…..

Do you go to your local zoo and what is your favourite part of the zoo?

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