Thank you friends for joining me on my photographic journey  – 2013.

It is always exciting to start a new project and with my camera handy 24/7 and a back log of photos on my computer justing asking to be shared,  you will see what makes me tick!

My claim to fame is that I have been taking photos since I was in my teens.  I have sold some recently and the first time I entered a contest, my photo won the magazine cover shot. I now have been published a number of times.  Travel writing is also part of my  recent picture. All in all, nothing grandiose but it’s a start and I am doing what I love!

Living in the country gives me a great opportunity to take photos daily and when nature comes calling I only hope is that I am here to see it!

On this site, as  the year progresses you will see my favourite photos come to life, one day at a time.  Animals, flora, landscapes in the country and (yes I do like the city too) buildings, people and street photography.

If you see the name Richard on any post then that will be my significant other.  Richard helps me with the ladder so that I don’t fall (macro), drives the car , me with my camera hanging out the window (at times) and other times just waiting patiently for me to get ‘ that perfect shot’….

The photos are all copyrighted, but if you wish to share them, please allow me credit.  Many thanks…..

Enjoy 2013!

21 thoughts on “About

    • When I entered the contest, I felt that I would be passed on by known photographers or for a variety of other reasons that I had dreamt up so not only was it a surprise but a wake up call for me! When I saw the magazine cover, I thought the photo was similar to the one I took but this one had to have come from someone else so it took two weeks before I realized that it was my photo! As they say its the journey, not the winning. Thanks for coming by Barbara….

  1. Congrats on winning the photo contest. I, too, enjoy seeing and preserving life through my camera lens. Thank you for visiting my blog and showing some love to my post.

  2. Hi Barbara,
    You’re awesome, and your photos too. What an inspirational story. I started taking pictures with my family’s little Minolta (that looks like a chocolate bar) years ago but only got my DSLR last August. It’s been a fun learning experience and I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from folks like you on the web.

    Thanks for sharing your photos and looking forward to seeing more.


  3. I am enjoying your photographs – and appreciate the follow. I really enjoy seeing how others see the world and look forward to seeing more of your work.

    • Thanks for following my blog too. I will take some time later to see some other of your posts. Yes, it is nice to see what oher people do with their photography.

    • Opalla, thank you so much for thinking of me on the share, but I am going to have to decline at this time. I am just trying to keep ahead these days with things here. Thanks again.

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