Macro Monday: Walking Stick(insect)

Macro Monday is a great day to post for me. I love taking close up and macro shots of insects and flowers.

This insect is called a Walking Stick. I had not seen one in 50 years and as I went to put something in the trunk of my car one morning, out of the corner of my eye,  I saw a twig sitting on the back window. I went to flick it off and realized that it was a real live twig called a Walking Stick.

These creatures fascinate me because they can move their limbs around so that they don’t look like anything else but a twig off of a branch.

Last summer, this long legged insect, hung around the house and I would find it on a window frame.

They are hard to photograph because they are so long. I plan to try and get better photos this summer if I see it again. The eyes are macro and the rest are close up.









                                                               THE BODY  LOOKS JUST LIKE THE BARK OF A TWIG






18 thoughts on “Macro Monday: Walking Stick(insect)

  1. Arghhh they creep me out and we call the Stick insects in the UK but they are not native and you only see them in school Science labs etc. Great shots though, made me shiver


    • They aren’t creepy in real. If you start to look at bugs or insects through a lens, you start to realize they are just creatures like we are. It definitely changed my view. Now spiders, I have not conquered that creepy feeling yet!

  2. They are fascinating creatures, aren’t they? And I think you did a great job of photographing this one! Love the ‘looking at you’ pic!

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