Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

Simcoe County has a wonderful museum.  I bought a family pass this year so that I can take my grandchildren to see all its treasures. The featured photo is a gasoline truck.

Mum and I just go with our lunch some days and just sit in the historical village under the trees at one of the picnic tables. Then we check out what is new. During the week outside of school it is fairly quiet.

The modern facility is a wealth of county history and beyond and includes a research library filled with some wonderful books.

The outside features a church, school, railway station along with a steam engine plus on tracks.  Many  outside structures found on farms are spread around the property. There is also a large quantity of  vintage vehicles housed in several buildings.  Twice a year they are all  brought out for everyone  to enjoy.  Many of the vehicles stay outside all summer.

Old Farm Tractor

Steam Engine

Nostalgic is the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge.  Click to see more entries.

I grew up with the old steam engine and there was nothing like it!   Thanks for visiting…….


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