Macro Monday : The Fly

It’s getting kind of buggy out here! 

The only thing that I know about flies, are that they are a bothersome lot of insects. You can’t sit outside without them landing on you. They seem to follow you everywhere when you live in the country. I always hate the thought that before a fly sits on your arm it may have been sitting on a cow pie from down the road! 


This fly landed on a some Queens Anne Lace, when I was photographing it. Now that I really can see the little sot through my macro lens, and more closely the photograph, I see that he is quite a complicated little creature. 

No, I still don’t like them, but they are part of nature. I will give them that at least, and  I will still slap them silly if they land on me tomorrow!

Queen Annes Lace

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11 thoughts on “Macro Monday : The Fly

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