Travel Theme: Tilted

The theme this week at Where’s My Backpack is Tilted.….We all tilt our cameras to get a different angle but sometimes out of necessity in order just to get a picture that isn’t full of clutter.

It is unusual but a fun topic for a theme and our vision may be lopsided by the time we look at everyones photos!

The featured photo was taken in San Francisco down at the Ferry building on the pier.  The clock tower attracted my attention and after taking a number of photos straight up I just needed something different..

The Redwood trees in Muir Woods, in the state of California are wonderful to see. They are thousands of years old and they feel like you are in a cathedral  which is what one of the sections of  the forest is called.

But, they are difficult to photograph unless you of course, tilt the camera. Then you are bound to get an interesting shot. In this case, probably more interesting than if you had a lens wide enough to get the whole tree into the picture.

a6170118 copy

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