Thursday Lingering Look Through Windows 33

Sitting outside the local mall in an empty parking lot one Sunday waiting for my daughter to drop off my granddaughters, I found myself with some time.

Out came the camera and I started taking photos.  I changed to black and white because the coloured photos were terribly boring.  It’s a mall! 

This is the front of my favourite camera shop. Who knew it would look so good in B/W. Of course it looks good to me at any time actually!

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The photo club took to the streets and back alleys for a couple of hours. Back on the street, I found a couple of interesting windows. This one belonged to a pet shop.  A cute little stuffed dog caught my attention.


Windows 2


Then I turned to the other window and saw a stuffed cat. As I was taking its photo, the cat moved! I had to look a few times to check to see that I wasn’t loosing my mind. It would sit dead still and then move again as I tried to photograph. 

Windows 3


 The owner of the store was watching me from the screened door.  Anyways, we ended up having a good laugh!

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