Hohenwerfen Castle

This is a not to miss attraction if you are in Austria.  The castle sits 509 feet straight up on rock. The original building was erected in 1050 ad. Some of the original is still intact. It has been through fire, wars and uprisings and has been rebuilt several times since 1050.

The residents of castle prevented anyone from entering the Salzburg valley without permission. Taxes were levied at times.  This has been home to archbishops, kings, the military and was a jail complete with torture chamber and dungeon where you were dropped in from above.

I climbed up into the bell tower with a tour group, the only way to see most of the inside rooms. The scenery was spectacular.

There is so much history here, that a quick blog would never do it justice.  I will have to redo when I return home.

(When you are stopped on the Autobahn for 20 minutes because of  ? , you get out of the car and take photos! otherwise I probably wouldn’t have got this great shot. )


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