Penny Farthing?

Never put your bad photos on the net they say …..well this is an exception to the rule as this was so funny.

Are you kidding?

Driving along the roads in the mountains….you never know what you are going to see. This person  was riding a penny farthing which is an antique bike that you usually seen in a museum, at least in Canada Not on a road.

These bikes don’t coast so the bikers legs were going a mile a minute.  Wouldn’t he or she get tired FAST. In my case it would be seconds.  He looked liked he was part of a silent movie….legs moving quickly and the bike moving slowly…

Thanks for reminding me Tric at

I had just tried to clean the windshield of bugs so I could take a photo if something interesting came by, but it left streaks in the sun..and of course something came by!


What are your thoughts?

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