A Word a Week Challenge: Sleep


This is the appropriate blog for today or tonight or is it morning?

I lay down last night a 9 pm for a 15 minute cat nap, and woke up at 1 am. Since, my post is daily and I don’t want to miss a day, at least this year, I like to do my blog and have it posted after midnight to give myself a 23 hour buffer… just in case.

Right now all is quiet in the house as everyone is SLEEPing but me…… Thank you,Sue at –  A Word a Week for the theme Sleep or should it be awake? It is now 4 am.

The featured photo is a photo of Minuit our tortoiseshell. She used to SLEEP on the top of the bookcase. There was a filing cabinet in the office that she would jump from. It always amazed me how she did it.  She loved that spot on the bookcase especially when the grandchildren came. I could swear that I would see her stick her tongue out at them sometimes!

Unfortunately, the years have taken over as it does with all of us and she cannot get to this hideaway now so at night she places herself on the bed and SLEEPs draped over someones legs.


Now Finnegan, who is of the Abysimian breed,  loves to SLEEP his 16 hours every day in no particular place. (that is the downtime for cats, apparently) as long as it is comfortable and something that I don’t appreciate him SLEEPing on..

Minuit and Finnegan can be happily aSLEEP during the day, dead to the world so to speak, but when that tuna can comes out of the cupboard, they both come alive and head to the kitchen on the run.  How they know I am not pulling a soup can or something else out of the cupboard I don’t know… but they do! I must be very predictable or something!

It looks like I had better try and get some more SLEEP or tomorrow or is it today?  won’t be much fun….

Thanks for coming…..


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