Summer Palace…

Have I been living the wrong Life?

We arrived in Vienna late this afternoon and we are staying right across the street from the summer palace gates. Emperor Franz Josef and Empress  Marie Theresa used this hotel for their guests.  When I go to bed tonight, I will dream of Royalty and hope there are no ghosts left behind in our room. Prayers will be said, in hopes that the hotel has not made a mistake in the low fees that they have charged us for the wonderful accommodations.

The palace across the road, is only their ‘summer palace’  with the official palace downtown.  We are going to explore both these places including the royal treasury and more of this beautiful hotel which we can’t believe is so affordable.

I will post photos when I get home and sort out this wonderful adventure that we have been having.  We leave Saturday.

From my iPad which is not the best way to post especially in a hotel lobby!


One thought on “Summer Palace…

  1. thanks so much for the beautiful words Sonya, and Kristie. It’s detenifily a new chapter of our lives, all we can do is embrace it. I think if it’s a boy the toys i’ll be buying will be more for me to play with than the baby. You know all guys secretly want to play with hot wheels, and tonka trucks lol

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