Tally Ho!

Today, paddleboards are made of fiberglass, and are light, but….at one time, they were made of wood, were heavy and  if  you got hit in the head with one you sure knew it. The edges were sharp!

The dog in my photo seemed quite comfortable riding this paddleboard. He had an air of freedom and adventure about him. I know that feeling……

My father built a paddle board when I was a teenager. The pattern came from either the Womens Day magazine (like our first cottage did) or Popular Woodworking, magazines that people  at one time really depended on as a resource. This board was rectangular, white on top and red on the bottom. It had two holes in the one end which allowed air to be put in and then plugged.

I spent so much time on it. My Dad towed it  like a surf board, with all the kids taking turns on it, behind a slow motor boat. I used it  like a raft with my friends, and my mother sat and paddled it, when I swam 2 miles to the end of the lake and back again. She didn’t think I could swim that far and her body parts paid for it!  What we do for our kids….

Rainy days saw me standing up on the board with my raincoat on, paddling up the lake to see my friends. Old neighbours remind me to this day.

Needless to say, this fellow with his dog, caught my attention, and brought  back great memories.

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