Deer in Spring

Today I am dreaming of spring.

A special time when, the trees  start to bud and the apple blossoms are in profusion on the apple trees,  a sure sign of the new season.

        ( At this moment, on the third day of the year,  I am not a winter fan.  Fishtailing on an icy road, I stopped about 4 inches short of going over an embankment. Phew !!  No damage, except to my mental stability!)

In this photo, the deer visit, as the house is off the road by 1000 feet. In spring, we see the fawn and they have white spots on their fur.  I love their big ears which have razor- sharp hearing.

The older deer are used to us poking our noses out the window, but the fawn have not  got to that trust stage, so I am getting ‘the look’!  … He is so cute, but will soon change size and lose his spots.

It’s also warmer in my dream…………..pssst – don’t tell the skier in my life I said that – I will get the ‘other look’!


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