Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

The one thing that we keep pulling out of the gardens around this  house are these little oak trees. The squirrels take the acorns each fall and hide them all over the place, and sometimes under the leaves in the garden. In the spring they have started to sprout and we start over again, pulling the saplings out.

This theme ‘Foreshadow’ held me back a little because I wanted something a little different. Then I remembered taking this picture of the little tree with the acorn shell still attached. and Voila…


Oak Tree 4

This is part of how that little sapling will turn out to be in about 15 years.


Oak tree 5


The birds, squirrels and sometimes raccoons, will have a safe place to climb or land on and maybe even have a nest.


Oak tree 2

The Oak tree has a flower of sorts …..

Oak tree 7

In the fall, the leaves gives us a beautiful array of colours.


Oak tree 1

And eventually when winter comes, the remainder of fallen leaves can be found  sitting in the snow..

So, we replanted our little sapling in an open field out front with the hope that it will start a new generation of trees. .Thanks for visiting….

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

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  3. Lovely photos Barbara. You were quite lucky to get a sapling with the acorn shell still attached, it looks lovely. Oak trees are so beautiful but I can imagine that it can be a problem if they are coming up everywhere.

    • We are going to try and get them to grow elsewhere on the property. It seems a shame to waste them. Several that I pulled still had the acorn attached. If we were younger we could start a tree farm….I noticed tons of baby maples too yesterday just in the bush.

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