Ontario Provincial Flower..

Trilliums are everywhere up here in central Ontario right now. This beautiful flower grows rampid in the woods and peek out along the edge of the forests.


Forest of Trilliums


Today, I headed off down our road to take some photos. (the trilliums on the property are a bit smaller because they don’t get as much sun).

For three weeks max, Ontarios’ Provincial flower, blooms.  This pretty wildflower is protected by law here in this province, mainly because once picked, it takes several years to regrow, unlike most other plants.  


Ontario Provincial Flower


Bus tours actually come up to do a Trillium tour. Tourists travel the roads on the backroads on the weekend to enjoy this spring delight. There is no shortage of photographers either.


Trilliums of Ontario


For some reason, it doesn’t matter whether you have piles of photos… each year you still go out looking.  The season is so short for them and then we have to wait until next spring . 

My question to you is…Do you get trilliums in your province or state?


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