Big Brown Eyes….

This farm is just a few minutes from my house and I periodically stop there to take photos and /or just to stand and have a wee chat. 

That is one of the benefits from living in the country. There are animals everywhere, wild and not so wild….

The owner rides this horse with her little girl and because we are 1000 feet away from the road, she rides down our lane to get off the main road. (we don’t mind as long as she cleans up what the horse leaves!)


a5110132 copy


Below…. I like the cow having a snooze with his head resting on the rock. They have been covered in mud up until this past week when either they had a good shower in the spring storms that we all experienced in US and Canada or the mud has just about dried up.


a5110146 copy


and …. check out the horns.. I think they have been cut off in order that they don’t spear another animal. Sometimes when I stand at the fence I am hoping the bulls don’t get wild and come after me! They are so big. The wire fence wouldn’t hold them in!


a5110139 copy


If you have noticed, in the photos, the large rocks embedded in the ground..these are natural to this area left over from the ice age. more on this below..

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