A Word a Week Challenge: Old

A Word a Week Challenge: Old gave me a chance to use this ancient stone fence that separates us from the forest in the front of the yard, as the theme.

Unfortunately, I have never treated this fence as a high priority, so what is here on this blog, has really just happened while I was out shooting more ‘high priority’  photos. That is going to change now.

The stones are million of years old. They are left over from the ice age as it receded. This part of Ontario is part of the Niagara Escarpment.  The fields are filled with all these small boulders. If you have ever cleared any land around here, you will know that it is no small chore! Plenty of small stones too….

The farmers made fences with the stone during the nineteenth century, separating fields. The livestock stayed within and this natural material was lying around, so was very cost effective.


The animals all use the stone fence. They jump over on their way to the forest, sun themselves in the late afternoon.




Raccoons like to feed themselves on the bird seed and will cross over if we catch them. To our surprise, a fox which had been hanging around the yard, carrying a small animal, probably a chipmunk, cleared the fence one day.


                                                                        CHIPMUNKS TUNNEL DEEP UNDER THE STONES  

The groundhog  tunnels deep in a section of fence which has decreased in height. But this one is sunning!



The colours of the forest as the seasons change all enhance the ancient stone fences.



I definitely need to spend some time on this fence.  The tourist that pass through this area can see these fences along the roads and I just wonder how many of them really know the story behind this ice age gem.

Thanks for coming by……


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