Macro Monday: Forget Me Not

How can anyone not love Forget Me Nots?  I like so many flowers but this dainty little flower brings back special memories of my grandparents, to me…. I would like to share a short story.

When I was  a little girl, my mother and I travelled out to Vancouver, B. C. one April to visit my grandparents who had retired and moved out to the west coast to avoid the rigorous winters that we had in Quebec.

There was a little pond out in the backyard with goldfish. These goldfish were magic or so I thought. They could stay all winter in the pond because they would freeze and then come back to life in the spring. (this couldn’t happen in Central or Eastern Canada, much too cold).

There were Forget me nots all around the pond and that is when I fell in love with them. Each morning my grandfather and I would go out and look at the goldfish which had frozen in the overnight cold temperatures and were suspended under the ice. As the sun melted the ice, they would start to swim again. (it took awhile). We would pick some blue Forget me nots and take them in to my grandmother.

The Forget me nots always remind of this special trip and everytime I see them, I can feel my grandparents, even though they have both been gone for many years.

Meanwhile… Here are a few photos of a friends property where Forget me nots run rampid in the spring. Everywhere you look and as far back as you can see. The woods look so fresh when they bloom.


Forget Me Not Woods .

Forget Me Nots .

The next photo is the cup and saucer that my grandparents gave to me when I got married (among other things). Forget me nots – they remembered……. I will pass this set onto my oldest granddaughter one day. . ForgetMeNots-1 .

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