Thursday Lingering Look at Windows

The photos that have been used for this weeks Thursday Lingering Look at Windows, were taken at the Museum of Civilization, situated in Hull, Ontario, Canada. The building sits across the Ottawa River from Parliament Hill, seat of the Canadian government.

On a bus trip through Ottawa, we stopped for about 20 minutes to view the site as it wasn’t on the tour list.  Two weeks after my trip, it was announced that the Museum was going to be renamed, the Canadian Museum of History.

Many more museums are tied up with this one and the exhibits are extensive. It is also a major research institution. 

aMG_2550 copy

Museum of Civilization Ottawa

The Museum had fabulous windows and I wish I could have had more time to photograph them. 

You can see how large these windows are compared to the people standing beside them. I am glad I don’t have to wash them!

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Lingering Look at Windows

  1. I remember the big hall with the tall windows. Haven’t been back to Hull for a while. Maybe I should re-visit the museum when I go to Ottawa in the Fall. Thanks for the post.

    • I would like to go back myself and see what the changes are this year. We really didn’t get too far past the front door in 20 minutes! Thanks for visiting he blog.

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