Around the World….

Do we like seagulls at all?

They sure can be a royal pain, but I still like photographing them when I see them.  If you take the time to really look at them, you see that they are quite nice looking.

The featured photo was taken at the Toronto zoo. The globe shows the parts of the world, where the animals are from that are on display.  


DSC_9273 copy

At one of the exhibits. 


aSC_5416_2 copy

Taking a birds eye view of the situation…


aSC_2804 copy

Oh yes, this is the bad side of seagulls! Doesn’t he look proud of himself…



Let’s leave this bird on a good note…. He take a nice picture. 


Thanks for visiting…..


4 thoughts on “Around the World….

  1. I love seagulls, they are the only bird who looks like they really enjoy flying. If I had to be any kind of bird, I would choose seagull. (and I would eat french fries all the time)

    • You are right…I like to go down to the waterfront on a really windy day and watch them fly…. They do appear as if they are playing in the wind…thanks for commenting…

  2. I live on the Gulf coast so I have many friends in Laughing Gulls. If you ever saw the movie Finding Nemo there is a funny bit where the gulls are saying “mine, mine, mine.” Enjoyed it.

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