Weekly Photo Challenge: The Signs Say

Signs really have us laughing at times. Some of the entries have been really good for this weeks, Weekly Photo Challenge.  I don’t have any really funny signs, but the following are still ….Signs That Say.

Now, I bet you are wondering what is different about the stop sign in the featured photo, for me to put it on this blog. I will tell you soon enough.

But first….There is nothing more annoying for a special needs person to see this next sign in a parking lot with snow filled wheelchair access spaces.  This is a ski hill so I guess it wasn’t deemed to be too important to clear the snow away. 

The next time I saw this situation, it was at a medical centre. Don’t these snowplough people think?

dSC_0067 copy



You see this sign…service centre closing… along the highway and it is annoying, but… patience is a virtue.  

This particular summer, most of the service centers were closed along the stretch of highway between Toronto and Montreal. It may have been to “service you better” but what if, the kids are fussing in the back seat because they need to use a washroom or they have been patiently waiting for their meal at the next service centre, that you promised was coming. 

 Not to mention the poor dog!  Did they have to close them All at the same time?

DSC_7520 copy


Back to the stop sign…. Have you ever seen a tiny stop sign, nowhere near the road, where there is no apparent intersection?

P5310050 copy

The featured photo shows the large stop sign that is the normal size for all roads in Canada. The sign is placed at all intersections so that you can not miss seeing it.

So what is this little sign doing half way into the bush?

If you are a sportsman you might know, but the Ontario Federation of Snowmobiling puts these signs out on the snowy trails that run close to the road in the winter.  

The reason?

 Sometimes the trails have to go out onto the roadway due to an upcoming ravine, a driveway or other dangerous situation. The snowmobiler is expected to stop and look before flying out onto the road. These little signs are legal and have to be obeyed.

 I have seen the police out watching for misdemeanors on a weekend.  What a surprise for me to see them actually handing out tickets!

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