Word a Week Photo Challenge: Roof

Roofs can be so beautifully designed. There is nothing that will attraction attention more than a beautiful roof. It is too bad it is so hard to see them sometimes.

Here is my version for this weeks    Word a Week Challenge.


Roof 3

                                                                                         Painted Ladies of San Francisco


Roof 1

                                                                                    The Roof at a Golf Course 


Roof 2

                                    This Roof has many dorm windows. ;’Typical of French roofs in Quebec


Roof 5

             This Roof is made with Trees


Roof 6

                       In The Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco


Roof 6

                                                                 Roof Decorated with Seagulls, in Montery, CA


Off to find some more ROOFS….. Thanks for visiting……


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