Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears

I have added this to Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears as it seemed appropriate.  One week later, I still see the  beautiful smile on this little boys face.. I guess I will always remember.) Originally titled: Money Can’t Buy It)


Last week, I stopped at Tim Hortons, Canada’s java depot..  Getting back into my car, I saw something that really moved me.

No photo for obvious reasons, imaginations only..

I  saw a little boy, maybe seven years, coming down the street with his Mum. This little lad had a walker and was struggling, as his legs, deformed, were in braces .

His mother was  about 5 steps ahead of him. She turned and said something, walked to him and kissed him..

What blew me away was the smile he had on his face. Money could not buy that smile.  It was his mothers love that put it there.  His beam could have lit up the city….

I was moved to tears as I am again right now. This youngster would never run down the street with his friends at least not the way he should. His die is cast.

I know we see children periodically with disabilities and the possibilities are greater now, but this little scenario really grabbed my emotions.

How can I ever complain again about my senior problems when I have a had a good life.  I will treasure the fact that my grandchildren have the abilities of having a full life, ahead of them.  I think we sometimes take it for granted.

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