Travel Theme: Wild

The wildlife is all around our home. The squirrels and birds are at the feeders everyday.  Some of them don’t run or fly away when we come out. They are so used to seeing us and feel that they are not in danger.   But…they are still WILD and they let us know when the line has been crossed.

Richard tried to hand feed a squirrel  one day and the squirrel jumped at him in as a warning…..

The other day, sitting in the park, a squirrel came right up to me looking for food. He was right by my shoulder to the point where I got a little nervous. Still WILD  but knows that people mean a free meal. Cheeky little devil!


Wild 3


The deer come around, mostly in the winter, spring and late fall.  In summer, there is more food for them out in the forest and I don’t think they like the tall grasses that are in our field.

When the deer do come, they take the same route each evening and they are also the same ones.  They get so used to  us when they come to the back lawn that they don’t move when they see us. I have actually gone out and talked to them.   Still WILD  but they will connect with us humans in a very small way.

The animals are wonderful to watch, and they give us hours of entertainment.  We are in their world out here in the country and we just have to know our place….

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