Maple Syrup Time in Ontario

One of the early festivals in Ontario is the Maple Syrup Festival.  Huge bottles of  golden maple syrup, as seen in the photo and also bottles of many different sizes are on display by vendors  who line the streets of this particular festival in Elmvale, Ontario. This particular  day was windy and cold but it didn’t deter the people from coming out in droves.

Pancakes, music, entertainment, craft show and carnival all take part on this one day showing!   Since this particular festival is close by for me, I always drive down for the morning and stay longer if  its warmer.

The part I love is all the sampling of syrup and candy.  Forget the diet!  Naturally, I head home with a bottle of the golden liquid  to whip up a batch of pancakes!

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup

Have you ever had maple sugar?  or even better – maple taffy (on snow)?




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