Dragonfly in Summer

Macro photography (up-close) is a lot of fun. You see into a world that you wouldn’t even pay attention normally.  There is a whole world out there that I discovered  last year. It was exciting, but what really got to me was when I was able to get right up close to a small bug, see his eyes clearly (through the lens) and  see it looking right back at me.  Now I have a special camera lens for this but a lot  of the digital compact cameras have a macro option on it.  You may not see  the eyes of a fly but you will still get some good close up images on bigger bugs.

Dragonflies  by nature, will stay around for some time and take rest periods. If  you move slowly  and  you don’t scare it,then you can get up close to get a photograph of it.

This dragonfly – a Twelve Spotted Skimmer – hung around for  10 full minutes. It found a perch on the tip of a branch on an oak tree.  I had to get up to it with a ladder and my camera but he patiently sat for me  and then would fly around and then back to another position to the same spot. The size of the animal too helped make it easier to focus as I was perched precariously on  the ladder. I might add I had someone hold it steady.


What are your thoughts?

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