Thursday Lingering Look at Windows

This is my first post for Thursday Lingering Look at Windows.  Who can’t resist windows when we see them especially windows with pretty flowers underneath the ledge.

This window, was found at the Shelburne Museum. The building is one that was transported to the museum from another area in Vermont.

When I see a very old window, I like to imagine who may have  originally looked through the little panes of glass. A farm wife watching over her children outside, or a farmer looking out to check the weather to see whether a storm is coming in. Do the animals have to be brought it?  Did it snow last night, can we easily reach the barn to milk the cows? Who is approaching the house?  Friend or foe?

Windows are never just windows. Someone had to design them and put them into place. What makes a person choose one type of window over the other.

Don’t forget each pane of glass was originally hand blown. Easier to make small panes than large panes.

There is a story behind an old window.  Maybe a ghost or two!

Windows are fascinating!


3 thoughts on “Thursday Lingering Look at Windows

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