Tough Fluff!


Wye marsh Wildlife Center is 3000 hectares of protected wetlands in  Simcoe County, Ontario near Georgian Bay.

It is always a great place to spend a day at any time of the year.

This particular day, we had two grandchildren with us and we had been watching the Raptors. Along came a lady keeper and sat down with us and was carrying a pouch and all of a sudden out popped this cute and fluffy cygnet (baby swan).   Its mother had died and this lovely person was ‘bringing it up’ till it could join the other  Trumpeter Swans.

The baby spent the day with the keeper and at night would go home with her. That is dedication…. It was quite something to be this close to it and the two girls were excited to be able to carefully touch it.  Definitely a highlight of our jaunt.

Have you ever been chased by a swan?



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