One for you, One for me?

Blue heron’s are not usually so available in a community setting.  The area I visited is called Lagoon City. Each home is built on a canal and they all connect and head out to the huge Lake Simcoe.

This day, several fishermen were sporadically perched on the embankments with their fishing rods in the water. One scene in particular caught my attention and kept me entertained for quite awhile!

One heron very brazenly took it upon himself (but not without some incentive) to stand within a few feet of this one fisherman. The man would catch several fish (one at a time) and put them into a bucket. Every third or fourth fish, he would  toss to this patient dinner guest.

You can actually see the fishing line in the photo just above the head of the heron. Eventually the fisherman packed up and left and the heron flew off.  — till next time.

Blue Heron in Flight


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