Ringtail Bandit…

Raccoons are lovely little creatures – when they are on someones else’s property!   They can be so destructive.

This past summer, the lawns surrounding the house took a real beating!  Those cute little creatures with the masks, dug aggressively each night to get the grubs from under the soil….

Each morning, the ragged patches of grass had to be kicked back into place. It was so discouraging. By the end of the summer, the yard looked like a pile of dirt with grass sprouting from the cracks!

Several of them, we caught in live traps and instead of leaving them all night we took them on a midnight run to a nearby provincial forest. Except this one….. We discovered  she had babies.

Do you ever feel when you are by yourself, that you are being watched?  Yes, this was the day I discovered this big brown, hairy, momma sitting quietly above my head in the tree.

I took some photos and then left her and she came down the tree. What really surprised me was that she came head first. Those claws are strong enough to hold their weight. No wonder, our lawn looked like a dumping ground.!

Raccoon in Tree

Raccoon in Tree

Raccoon in Tree

Raccoon in Tree


5 thoughts on “Ringtail Bandit…

  1. Racoons scare me with their little sharp teeth. When I lived in an apartment many years ago, they’d hide out near the garbage bin and I just new they were hiding under my car ready to nibble at my leg when I was getting in. 😉

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