Wintery Blast….

12 – 15 inches of snow fell last night and into late morning, leaving behind  a wintery wonderland.  The sun returned mid afternoon.

The adventurous birds came out looking for food but all was frozen and covered.  The Northern Flicker, even though from the woodpecker family also ground feeds and would just about bury himself under the snow, digging for seed and flicking the white stuff  as he went. He would go so deep, we couldn’t see him till he poked his head up.

I  braved the cold too and uncovered everything, made sure the birds had extra seed and filled a flat ceramic planter bowl for the Northern Flicker which he used.

It was really cold out there (-10)  plus high winds. Brrrrrr!  (of course I was in my pj’s and housecoat, so that didn’t help)!

Mr Red  was the only squirrel to brave the snow. He looked like he just couldn’t quite figure out where the world had disappeared to!  He gave up after twenty minutes and  joined the rest of his bundled up friends.

and ..This is what Canada is all about during the winter months. eh!

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