Photographers – Crazy?

Yes, my theme is ‘crazy’!    The idea came from something Sherry  –   Travel Spirit –   said in her blog titled ‘Images from Yesterday’, and  I thought I would go with the idea of  – ‘crazy moment photos’.

  “As I was preparing dinner, I realized the sun was setting and I wanted to capture a photo without a lot of trees hiding it.  My husband probably thought I was crazy (actually he already does) because I stopped everything and said, “I’ll be right back…I’m going to take a few photos of the sunset down the street.”  

As photographers, we all do some things seemingly silly,(at least in our minds), but necessary, just to get that special photo.  I am sure the photographers whose photos grace the pages, (and get the big bucks), in National Geographic, are at the top of the one to ten scale.

I recently saw a video of a photographer taking pictures through a cage under the sea with a polar bear trying to tear the cage apart. Nervous about the predicament that he was in, the photographer also stated that ‘ this is what I live for’. (They probably don’t have immediate families to worry about)!



My Crazy Moment Photo

Last weekend, after the big snow storm that left large parts of Canada and US covered in  1 – 3 feet of the white stuff, I was out taking photos. I  would pull my car off to the side of the road, as best I could, when I saw something interesting.



Close to the entrance of a ski hill, no one in sight, I stopped to take some shots of a railway track that the train above had just passed on. Nothing exciting, but I liked the way the sun reflected off  the track onto the snow.  I  got immersed with what I was doing and forgot about my car, which I hadn’t really pulled off the road because there were huge snowbanks and anyways I was only going to be …‘a sec’.



The next thing I heard was a bunch of cars honking and I turned to see traffic coming from both directions, with everyone trying to get around my car,( sitting dead center in the lane) and each other. Boy, did I feel stupid….  but c’est la vie…..  That is the life of a photographer. Those honkers just may see my photo of the railway tracks in a magazine and then feel bad for honking at me……..Right?

Thanks Sherry for writing that blog…….  Nice sunset photo by the way and I like your dog!

 They say a picture is worth a thousand words. There might be another 1000 behind it!

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