Dogs Everywhere……

The waterfront was bustling on the weekend. The City of Orillia has a lot of events that bring in the tourists either by boat or by land.

It always amazes me that there are so many dogs. And….the owners sure love having photos taken of their pets….


Dogs 2

A nice elderly man saw me with my camera and actually came up to me and said I could take a picture if I wanted! Its a Malamute I think.


Dog 3

What a polite Boxer…This lady saw a very small dog coming and her dog sat down and waited. 


Dog 4

At the end of the afternoon, many people were docking their boats at the boat ramp to wait their turn to load onto the trailers after a day on the lake. This dog was anxiously awaiting his owner to return.


Dogs 1

The Shelties were my prize though. I asked the owners if I could take a picture and they promptly went about getting the three dogs to pose…the way it all happened so quickly, led me to believe that they are used to doing this.


People sure love their dogs!  



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