Thursday Lingering Look Through Windows 18

This week I am posting something a little unusual for this week 18 challenge at  Lingering Look Through Windows.

The windows are actually trompe l’oeil which is an art technique that definitely fascinates.  Translated for those that have never heard of the word is  – deceive the eye. The eye is fooled into thinking that what you see is real.

The featured photo, shows a wall that it absolutely flat. It took twelve artists nine weeks in 1999 to complete this fabulous piece of work that is now a major tourist attraction.


aSC_7171 copy


There are 16 major historical figures that look out at us from the wall.  The two sisters in the window are Marie Guyart who founded the first convent in New France (Quebec) and Catherine de Longpre who founded the Hotel Dieu in Quebec.

Look how realistic the hand on the ledge looks. Your brain says its only art but your eye says are you sure?


aSC_7166 copy

The windows in this bookstore window show books and paintings that have been written or painted by Quebec artists.

There are also modern figures (well known) mixed into the fresque. Many people stand up against the wall and have their pictures taken.  If you stand way  back, one has to really look twice to see whether that person is part of the wall or real.

aSC_7180 copy

This photo shows the whole wall and don’t forget, it is completely flat. Each section is numbered so that you can identify the figures.

I was on a bus trip and the tour company had not scheduled this particular stop because the bus couldn’t get down the narrow streets to it and there was walking involved. The morning of our departure, the guide said she was taking a detour so that those that could walk to the mural could do so.  (seniors tour)

My only regret was that we didn’t have much time to take more photos and just stand and enjoy it.

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