Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up!

This is my first entry into the Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: site  and it was so hard to choose which picture or group of photos to show everyone for this weeks category – Look up!

I decided to pick this set of photos because of the strong blue and white colours.

Gulls are nice looking birds but they can be considered nuisance birds when you see them on the beach or along a dock, especially when you have food in your hands  – well, I don’t have to explain!  Around here, they can also be seen in huge cloud like formations as they follow the farmers when the seeds are being planted in the ground.

One Saturday morning, when I got out of my car to meet my mother at her church spring sale, I spotted these two gulls basking in the sun on a lamp post in the parking lot.  The sky was such a deep blue and the birds looked quite elegant high up on the pole.










 Next time you see a gull, take a moment to see the beauty in it! 

 Nuisance or not …. life wouldn’t be the same without them.

 Thanks for coming by and I will see you tomorrow!


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