A Word a Week Challenge: Music

This Word a Week Photo Challenge: Music has brought back a lot of good memories for me.  I just want to share a part of my life that has come to an end. I am quite happy with my memories and now my photography has taken over. Life changes…

When I turned 50, I decided to learn how to play something musical. I thought it might take my focus away from that ‘getting old’ hurdle. And it did.

So one Saturday, when I was at a country estate auction, I bid on a violin. Right out of the blue, because I never thought this would be my instrument of choice.

I did learn how to play it and when we moved to this part of Ontario, I found a lot of other fiddlers and musicians. They were playing in the ‘Old Tyme’ tradition.  I took lessons and played with the well known Eleanor Townsend who was married to the Canadian legend Graham Townsend. And …that was the start.

When they both passed away within a month of each other, I went to music camp for adults. A multitude of friends later, and  many more summer camps in Ontario, a group of ladies drove to Cape Breton for  a week at St Anns College for Cape Breton style fiddle. We  and the rest of the attendees visited every dance hall on the island, in the evenings that week! It was a wonder we stayed awake for the day classes…..But it was wonderful!

Goderich Festival

(Me with the blond hair and in beige)

Eventually, joining a group of musicians I played at a number of music festivals for set dancing. We were not on main stage’, but we were there for the dance stage and we even got paid.

Over the years, I have played in concerts, fundraisers, weddings, anniversary parties, summer music in the park, and outdoor venues and even funerals. Barn parties, and into the night jam sessions were lots of fun.  It was amazing…

As time went on, I learned the Bodhran (drum), tin whistle, mandolin and guitar. There are many styles of fiddle music and I liked them all but my favourite is the Irish music.

Now the instruments all are quietly sitting in a corner. That part of my life might be over, but I certainly have no regrets. The memories will last forever. It was an amazing time.

Thanks for coming by….


2 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge: Music

  1. You can still play in the comfort of your home… or play for your animal friends… like snow white sang for the cute bunnies and birds

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