A Word a Week Challenge: Old (100th post)

To the friends, old and new and family members that have supported me since I began this endeavor,  I give you thanks on this my 100th blog!  A Word a Week Challenge: Old 

100 may not seem anything to celebrate for most bloggers but for me it is because I never thought I would get this far!   So, today, I dedicate this blog to my wonderful mother and all seniors. 

It is not Mothers Day yet, but Mum at 90, fell last week and broke her ankle. (ice)  It has been an exhausting week of talking to doctors,  therapists, nurses, discharge planners ( I thought wedding planners were an oddity), getting special equipment and waiting for appointments that were rarely kept. Checking out senior residences where she will go to recuperate  were added to the  list. 


We finally got through the hospital system, (don’t get me started)  and now she is temporarily  in respite doing all that needs doing  to get herself home.

Mum is an amazing person. Looks 80, but is 90, she

– plays recorder and consistently plays for 90 minutes every day,

–  bowls in regular senior league,

– helps guide blind bowlers on trips, and with their bowling,

– plays bridge

– is involved with the church several days a week

– consistently has done 90 minutes of excercize each day for years (for seniors) 



Television and internet are not found in her house (try and explain that to the cable people when they are trying to sell her package deals).

Mum lost her drivers licence last September and at that point had been packing her car with people younger than herself  each day to drive them to programs.

So… yesterday, first fifteen minutes into the  new residence, Mum had her recorder group reorganized and set up in the residence for once a week session.There are only 5 people  left including a guitarist, Mum was the third to break something this month so were ready to close down till fall.  (They all play different recorders and needed Mum).

Mum is such a joy to me even in bad times. I am so grateful to have my mother in my life. She brought me into the world, raised me, gave me inspiration and has always encouraged me whenever times were not so great.

Each week, we shop at our favourite stores, go to museums, have lunch out and complete the doctors, grocery, Dairy Queen, and anything else that crops up tour. We share books and music, and now we are reading all 8 novels in Diana Galbaldon Outlander series. P4100001

                                                                                     Mary, Mary, quite contrary!     (anonymous photo)

Needless to say, I am very proud of Mum. She probably is the least senior of any senior that I know. 

I want to be just like my mother when I grow up! Maybe with television and internet though.  I still like my one show a week!

Now, you know why I have dedicated this 100th blog to this special lady…..Get well soon!

Thanks for coming by everyone……..


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