A Classy Two Seater……

Today was hot and sunny and so was this cute little number!

Loading the trunk of our car with garden stuff at the local Home Depot, Richard and I noticed that this MG was parked nearby in a less occupied area.  Naturally, I took it upon myself to forget about the garden stuff, grab my camera and take a few photos..

Now, I have never really been a collector car type of person.  I can ooh and aah with the best of them but a car, is a car, is a car, in my books….almost.  I like to look but that is as far as it would go.

 I must say that I love my own little Honda Civic with its sun roof open when I am barrelling down the highway into town.

I wouldn’t change the Civic for anything…almost….. until I saw this little red MG.

Yes… I can picture myself in this car with the roof down. I could look good in red, and I have a great scarf that would go with it!


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