Macro Monday: Lace

One of the worst weeds for me during hayfever season is also one of my favourite wildflowers for macro photography.

Queen Annes Lace is such a beautiful looking plant in each of the different stages of bloom.  The detail of the plant is so incredible.

Unfortunately, because it is a plant that drives many people to the drugstore during the summer, we tend to overlook its beauty.

And so, as it is Macro Monday I am going to show a few pictures of the lovely Queen Annes Lace in its various states of development.

DSC_4301 copy

Queen Annes lace

aSC_5100 copy

DSC_5093 copy

Queen Annes Lace


Take a few minutes to have a look at this delightful looking weed or wildflower next time you pass a field. You will be amazed at its complexity. 

Thanks for coming by……


12 thoughts on “Macro Monday: Lace

  1. Such a beautiful series, one of my favorite wild plants since childhood! I’m hosting I Heart Macro this week for the first time, you are welcome to join this meme as well. The link will be open until 8pm (GMT-4) Monday evening:-)

  2. They are just starting to bloom out in the back field. I think they are the most beautiful delicate flower but the pollen is creating havoc with my sinus’


  3. You have captured the stages of QAL to show it as the beautiful flower that it is.
    I sow Queen Anne’s lace in my white garden and let it reseed freely. Last year I happened upon a plant in a field with light pink flowers, something I’d never seen before. I marked the plant and collected seeds in the fall and now they’re just sprouting in a little patch. I’m anxious to see if the seedlings will produce pink flowers again.

    • Do you have photos of the flower on your blogsite? I wonder if the ground had some mineral in it to make the flower pink.I added my name to follow you and noticed that you live close to me.

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