Highlights of San Francisco….

San Francisco has so much to see and do……I will have lots of photos to share once I get home and take the time to unravel.

Richard and I took a drive alongside the oceanside out to Fort Point. This was our first view of the Golden Gate Bridge. What an amazing sight when you are standing right in front of it.

There are lots of spots that you can stop and take photos of the bridge from different angles.  There were very few people at most of them.

The next place we visited was the Palace of Fine Arts. This is an outside exhibit because in 1915 it was part of the Panama Pacifac Exposition.  Another amazing site to walk through.


In the waters around the structure, are ducks, geese and other wildlife.



It was so peaceful walking around the grounds in the early morning.  The swans had  their babies with them. The egrets we’re perched in the trees but this was one came down for a visit.

One of the things to do on the bucket list was to visit the Conservatory of Flowers at the Golden Gate Park which actually is not where the bridge is. Another lovely building that is left over from the Victorian era.

Butterflies and Blooms was the current exhibit.


The orchids were outstanding.  There was a tour that was included price but we found it a little too intensive, so we left it and enjoyed the exhibit in our own way and on our own time.

It has been another long day ….so thanks for visiting……..


What are your thoughts?

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