Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach does not have pebbles on it. I looked, so that I could bring one home. The pebbles are actually called rocks….and  as I didn’t have enough room in my suitcase, I left them right where they were…. on the beach.

 However, we found the lone cypress that is displayed on the advertising for Pebble Beach…. I couldn’t bring that home either ( the cyprus) but at least I got a photo of it. The ocean scenery was amazing.  

Pebble Beach is not just a golf course, it is a whole community. If you watch golf or play golf then you probably know that already but this was a surprise to me. The links were very beautiful because they run along the ocean. 

P6180187 copy

On this last day of our trip, we drove to Monterey and then onto the 17 mile drive which is managed and preserved by a local trust.  The scenery was stunning and there were lots of tourists just enjoying the sun and the beach.

The homes or estates in this area belong to the rich and probably famous and they were stunning too.  Priced in the many millions for those that can, left the rest of us to enjoy the 17 mile scenic drive which cost $9.95. It was ones of those things you couldn’t miss.

P6180199 copy


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2 thoughts on “Pebble Beach

    • We were hoping to get to Carmel too, but we ran out of time. The coast was so beautiful. We have decided that we will go back to see more of the coast .
      Monterey was really a fly by unfortunately too. We couldn’t find parking so we spent the time on the 17 mile instead. California needs more than a week.

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