Snails Pace…

The internet is moving at a snails pace today….We are having major problems right now.

We are off – we are on- where did the darn photos go?- the blog is published- where did it go?-its the tower – no it is the hub – Our account is 100% used- they closed us down- oh sorry their mistake , everyone is getting the same email- back on again -off- on-off….YIKES…

This is my two minutes tonight before we go down again…….

Thank you to all who took the time to follow our journey to San Francisco. It makes the time spent trying to keep awake at night to get a blog done worth while. There are many photos to sort through and lots of stories to tell over time.

San Francisco is one city that would please any photographer. There is so much to see and do. The architecture alone is worth the trip.

California can’t be done in a week so it has been placed in our bucket list once again.

Missing the hotels high speed …..Thanks for visiting.


What are your thoughts?

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