Palace of Fine Arts….

The Neo-Classical Palace of Fine Arts is the sole survivor of the Panama Pacifac Exposition of 1915.  This is one of the most prominent pieces in San Francisco of  architecture. We were told by a resident that the building was erected to show the world (at the exposition) how well the Californians were doing.

The building was not supposed to last beyond the end of the exposition and was built of cheap materials. It eventually decayed and was rebuilt with reinforced concrete in 1962.

Palace of Fine Arts

Walking around the site in early morning was a real treat. The pond in front held ducks, geese, and herons. One evening we drove back to it to take some night shots. Unfortunately, there were no parking spots available.

I wasn’t leaving without a photo so we stopped in a no parking zone and I got a couple of shots. (I think the parking was taken by residents as there was no one out and around the area)

The building at night was spectacular.

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