The Pelican Inn


Welcome to a very traditional English pub in California called The Pelican Inn.  Richard surprised me with  a birthday lunch in June on the way back from Muir Woods (redwood forest).

The window below fascinated me right from the moment I saw it.  

The reflection shows the trellis, that protected the outside patio. I just had to get a photo of the window before the light changed and the reflection disappeared.

  Windows 1


The  pub sign was very decorative as well. The site is close to Muir Beach on the Pacifac ocean so there are probably pelicans there.


Window 3


One of the many rooms for dining. Antiques everywhere.  

Pelican 2


The pub food was great!   A big plus for photographers….Lots of opportunities for great photos. The place also has a bed and breakfast with a separate lounge for guests. The owner let me peak and it looked very inviting!

If you are ever go to Muir Woods just outside of San Francisco, then don’t forget to make a trip into the Pelican Inn for a real British meal (it was delicious) or a pint.  It is on the way back to the bridge.


2 thoughts on “The Pelican Inn

  1. What a beautiful place Barbara! I would enjoy it there. I can even smell the lovely atmosphere from here just because of your stunning shots! Love that table! Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *hugs*

    • It was really authentic because the original owners were British. I have been in places that are wanna bees but never quite seem to make it. It felt like you were going back a century.. Thanks Sonel.

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