Just when you think you have seen it all… here is something different.


Daycare 2


A beer school….who would have thought of this?  The  Ontario liquor commission along with one of the top beer companies puts on this display in an outside parking lot.  You can then sample the beers inside the store. What a perfect afternoon!


Daycare 3

Pretty girls too…


All the different beers are explained and you get to find out how they are made. A lovely little book is given out telling you how to pick your drinks to go with your food and or cheese.

There is actually a different style glass that you should be using for the various beers.  How the beer should be poured into the glass is a definite need to know too to get the best flavour.

When you graduate from this school, the official word that you can put behind your name is Zythologist – expert on beer!  That should impress your friends!

Did you know that an average person can recognize 10,000 different aromas?

Does that change with age?  Remembering where I left my car keys seems to be difficult these days. 


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