Reenactment of War of 1812

Fort Willow in  Simcoe County, Ontario was created as a depot for supplies during the War of 1812. Hidden deep in the Minesing swamp this recently (15 years) recreated fort  (on original ground) became pivotal in keeping this small but integral section of  Upper Canada, under British rule.

Periodically, each year a reenactment takes place starting in Barrie at Kempenfelt  Bay and continues by car or bus to Fort Willow.  Enthusiasts can walk the 9 Mile Portage Heritage Trail  to the site where a 19th century stockade and working village is set up for public viewing.

The photo shows soldiers taking practise shots out toward the bay.

I  enjoy coming to this event with my camera to spend the day but I do pass on the portage.

Bright colours, a sense of  our history, a variety of things to see and do, and chatting with the volunteers is well worth the time. These volunteers go from one reenactment to another and put  a lot of heart and soul into their passion.

The day before the event, there is a closed showing at the fort for approximately 1600 school children.

Whew …….I can’t imagine!


What are your thoughts?

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