Have you ever heard a bunch of crows when they were chasing something?  The noise can be deafening. They go on and on….

One of the joys of living 1000 feet off the road, is that the animals in the surrounding forest get used to seeing people out and about the property. They learn that we do not pose a threat, so sometimes come out of the bush close to the house without fear.

At times, I am not sure this is a such a good thing………

During the summer months, this fox had a daily path. He would come through the forest, cross the driveway, and back into the bush. He could never do this quietly because the crows would chase him, giving his location away with all their squawking….

On early spring afternoons, the fox would chase down rodents in the field behind the house.There for hours, he would  sit, listen, and then pounce!  No crows. I think they had all gone south for the winter.

 In the country –  we are in their world




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