Days End…..

The harbour  of Burlington, Vermont is hands down one of the most beautiful sunset moments that I have ever experienced.  Not the most exotic place on the planet, but my most memorable one.

The waterfront , on Lake Champlain, was the scene of  Lake Champlain Valley Folk Festival on this very hot and beautiful July day. Richard and I had just come into Burlington for a quick look see and we ended up spending the day and late into the evening enjoying the music and watching the contra dancing.

Hundreds of people stopped to watch, as the sun started to go down. It was an amazing experience. The scenery was so intensive with mountains (Adirondacks)in the distance, boats slowly coming in to port, lighthouse beacons flickering in the distance, and ducks floating by.

The muted sounds of fog horns and boat bells on the water, a gentle and warm breeze drifting into shore, and music from the festival made you feel at  peace.

Can you remember a special sunset that will always be with you?


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