Winter Landscape – Big Chute

BIG CHUTE, ONTARIO  has some beautiful scenery during the winter time .

Big Chute (lock 44), is part of the Trent – Severn Waterway. This is  the only marine railway in North America, that is part of a lock system.

I will do more on the marine railway in the future.

I took a backroad tour up to Big Chute and spotted beaver lodges along the way, in many of the marshy areas.  This whole region is environmentally protected.

Ice fishing is a big industry on the lakes in Ontario during the winter. The photo shows fisherman catching the last days of fishing before the ice becomes unsafe and also making it illegal to be on the ice.

I had two moose cross the road in front of me while driving.  I am not sure of who was more surprised. Me or them. It was extremely quiet along this route. Unfortunately they didn’t stick around for me to do a photo shoot with them!

Have you ever been to any of the locks on the Trent – Severn waterway?

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