New friends…..

THE WEATHER has been crazy!   I got caught in town in a terrible snow storm last night after the January meeting of the photo club. Going down to Barrie wasn’t too bad  because I took all the back roads through the Simcoe County Forests (more to come).

What I discovered was a lot of  beautiful untapped (by me) scenery along the way. Oh, I knew it was there, but in winter I usually stick to the roads that are ploughed. The snow squalls off Georgian Bay reached well inland yesterday due to high winds and the whiteouts (can’t see the front of your car) were huge. Accidents all over the place.

No camera yesterday, I headed back this aft  for some photos. Lots of moisture still in the air, so it gives the photo up on the hill  an ethereal look.

I stopped the car and got out and these horses came galloping down the hill that they were on to greet me with great enthusiasm! I talked to them for a few minutes and got some photos. The second I started back to my car, they turned and ran back up the hill for this beautiful silhouette .




3 thoughts on “New friends…..

  1. Very stunning shots against the white snow. My husband’s father came from Owen Sound so we have visited many time. We stayed in Simcoe on our honeymoon. 🙂

    • Oh great , so you know the area. What area are you in then?
      Just so you know, I just realized that I hit 5000 views this afternoon and you are the person that got that special number for me. It’s not a huge number next to others but it is to me. Thankyou for your viewing too.

      • Good for you! We live in Jackson Michigan – south of Lansing and west of Detroit and Ann Arbor. This is farming country. 🙂

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